• Alfalfa is containerized and loaded onto river barges or by railcar.

  • Alfalfa is harvested from lush fields of the Northwest.

  • After cutting, a curing time of 5 – 10 days is allowed before baling the alfalfa.

Sleeved Big Bales

Dimension (cm): 107W x 123L x 81H
Weight: 430-450KG
Loading: 58 per container approximately 25-26MT per 40’ container


Half Cut Bales

Dimension (cm): 53W x 43L X 30H
Weight: 25-30 kg
Loading: 864 bales per container approximately 24MT per 40′ container

Non-cut Bales

Dimension (cm): 53W x 43L x 60H
Weight: 50-60kg per bale
Loading: 432 bales per container approximate weight 24MT per 40’ container

Wrapped Pack – Half Cut Bales

Dimension (cm): 40W x 42L x 48H
Weight: ~700 KG per unit, units contain 24 half cut bales or 12 non cut bales.
Loading: 36 units per container, approximate weight 24-25MT per 40’ container

Non-processed Bales

Dimension (cm): 112L x 56W x 36H
Weight: 45-48 KG per bale
Loading: 292 bales per container, approximate weight 13.50MT per 40′ container